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Hi, I'm John Braun.

While majoring in Advertising at the University of West Florida, I started a small carpet cleaning company so I could practice my advertising skills. It seemed hypocritical to me to tell others how to advertise without putting the theories into practice with my own money. I not only wanted to learn the theories of advertising, but find out what REALLY works. I've owned Premium Carpet Care in Pensacola, Florida for the last 10 years where I tested ads and created one of the most well known, high-end companies in my area. Also, I've written articles for the trade publications Cleanfax and ICS Cleaning Specialist Magazines. Now, I want to help you get the most for your advertising dollar.

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Attention Business Owners of
Carpet Cleaning Companies:

Finally, An Advertising System That Separates Your Carpet Cleaning Company From The Competition.

Dear Fellow Cleaner,

You see a marketing package that offers a generic cut and paste advertising system. You can use some help. So you order, hoping it will do the trick. You figure there's got to be at least one ad that will work. When the package arrives, you thumb through and look at all the stuff included.

The ads look vaguely familiar. Aaaaaaaaahhh! In horror, you realize half the other carpet cleaners in your city are already using this stuff. You may as well copy the ads from your local coupon mailer. It would have been the same thing, only MUCH cheaper.

How can you be unique by copying someone else's market position? After all, it's an oxymoron to call it a unique selling proposition. Your advertising has to be uniquely yours. Your unique selling proposition can't be made for you, you have to come up with it on your own.

Problem is, unless you've spent years studying the art of branding, it's near impossible to do this. But now you can quickly build your company brand and hand pick the Mercedes clients you want with the Hitman Advertising System.

Here's what Hitman Advertising can do for you:

The entire system is devoted to teaching you nothing but how to create targeted, profitable advertising. Yes, there are 29 tested and proven ads in the system as examples of each lesson taught. Yes, you will have full permission to be the first in your area to use these ads to start making money right away. But the system is so much MORE than just cut and paste ad examples.

You'll learn specialized ad concepts that go far beyond what your competition is doing. You'll learn tips on writing copy you won't find in any other book. You'll find out how to use pictures with words to pull readers in your ads. There's even a worksheet that, once filled out, will give you a unique selling proposition truly unique to your company. Your competition can't copy it.

After studying this manual and going through the exercises, your advertising will be more profitable than ever. Your competitors will find you are a force to be reckoned with. You'll be making more money with your advertising than ever before.

Benefits-The only way to your client's heart

Writing benefits is the MOST important component of advertising. The majority of carpet cleaners don't understand how to write them. Other marketing packages touch on this concept, but don't go into detail. You'll get an entire section devoted to fully teaching you how to write benefits aimed directly at your prospect. Many examples are given. You'll understand what benefits are and learn how to use them in your ads. I feel writing powerful benefits is so important, that if you have any questions or need any clarification, you can email me your benefit idea. I'll review it for you at no charge.

I've tested advertising guidelines and found what works and what doesn't. I've tested every type of advertising and every media. These strategies have been put into play in my own business. You'll see the entire case study of my advertising system.

Hitman Advertising is an ad agency for the cleaning industry. We can create ads for you, critique ads you have written, or give you ads exclusive to your market area. Feel free to use the exact ads and salesletters in the manual if you wish. Also, take the concepts and advanced copywriting tips from the manual to create your own profitable advertising and send it to me for review. It's definitely NOT a generic advertising package.

This is a completely different approach to anything ever offered in our industry. Be the first in your city to use Hitman tactics to target your clients and position yourself as the #1 service company in your area.

Much advertising is misunderstood. Let's face it, even ad agencies may create stuff that won't make you a profit. Too often, it's because creativity is put over salesmanship. Other times, the agency doesn't really understand your needs or your client's needs. Hitman ad agency understands you and your clients better than anyone.

How You'll Get Maximum Profit From Your Advertising

Just send me any ad, salesletter, postcard, or website. I'll put it to the test. Then, give you valuable tips on how you can make your ad get a better response. This is a fool proof way to make sure you never waste money on advertising. Currently, I charge $200 for an ad makeover, but you'll get it FREE with the Hitman System.

You'll also get a FREE CD with me doing an exclusive Howard Partridge Inner Circle Interview. In the interview, I discuss copywriting techniques you can use in your carpet cleaning business to start making money right away. You'll also learn valuable tips on how to target the high-end Mercedes client with newspaper ads and targeted direct mail campaigns.

To save time laying the ad out yourself, I can make a high quality PDF with your company logo and phone number so your ad will be ready for print. Anyone who has purchased the Hitman System will get a greatly reduced rate on this service. This will be much cheaper than hiring a professional graphic designer and save you the hassle.

Hurry, Before This System Is Available To Your Competition

This is the first time the Hitman System has been offered to anyone outside of Howard Partridge's Roundtable. Howard wanted me to make it available to all his members BEFORE we offered it to other cleaners. You can be the first in your city to purchase the Hitman System and leap one HUGE step ahead of your competition.

This system isn't a bunch of hype or far-fetched phony bologna. If you know Howard, you know he wouldn't offer you anything less than a tried and tested proven system to help you build your business.

You'll learn the real system an ad agency uses to create ads. I've included everything that works for carpet cleaning companies and weeded out what doesn't. In fact, when you first begin studying it, you may be a little surprised with how simple, yet complex advertising can be. Your eyes will be opened to an entire new way of approaching your advertising.

If you paid for 29 ads to be professionally written for you, you'd spend at least $10,000 even with an amateur copywriter. But you can have all 29 ads, a wealth of advertising information specific to the cleaning industry, one FREE ad makover, plus the best case study ever of how advertising applies to a carpet cleaning company all for only $397.

You've really got to see for yourself how profitable targeted advertising can be. Purchase the manual and thoroughly study the breakthrough concepts. Try out some of the headline examples or use one of the ads in my manual. If for some strange reason it isn't working for you, send it back and we'll give you a full refund.

To start getting the most profitable advertising ever, order the Hitman Advertising System today.

Click to order NOW. We'll rush out your copy of the "Secrets of Highly Profitable Advertising For Carpet Cleaning Companies" manual.

Plus, if you call right away, you'll get a FREE ad makeover certificate, CD interview, and DVD of the Hitman presentation at Howard's Roundtable.

You must call now if you want the FREE CD interview and DVD as there will only be a limited number printed. Next month, this offer will be made available to others in the industry. I can only work with one cleaner (maybe two in large cities) in each city on writing projects. So, call us today so you don't get left out.

I look forward to helping you make tons of money with your advertising.


John Braun
The Ad Hitman

P.S. You know you need to pump-out profitable advertising to be able to grow your business. Without this skill, you're costing yourself thousands of dollars every year. For a measly $397 you can quickly create money-making ads for your business.

P.P.S. Take action now before you competition does. Order the Hitman Advertising System and start gettting the returns you need to make the profit you deserve. To start getting the highest return on your advertising, all you have to do is pick up the phone and dial these 11 numbers: 1-850-474-1110

P.P.P.S. Fill in your name and email address above to learn how to create a killer strategy for your carpet cleaning company's advertising.

Click here to email me with any questions or price quotes to have a custom advertisement written for you. Email is the fastest way to reach me, but you leave me a message at (888) 211-7702. Please tell us as much as you can about your exact needs.